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Performance is Measured by Results

Business Coaching

In the business world, performance is measured by one thing:  RESULTS!

Professional Development USA Business Coach will help you get results in many areas, including:


  • Increased Time with Family and Friends

  • More Consistency Across Your Company

  • More "Thinking" Time

  • Fewer Interruptions

  • Improved Results from Delegation

  • Less Need to be Active in Day-To-Day Operations

  • Fewer Customer Complaints

  • Less Time in Meaningless Tasks

  • More Effective Meetings

  • Vacation/Disconnect Time


  • Increased Team Member Loyalty

  • Improved Team Member Satisfaction

  • Reduced Employee Turnover

  • More Effective Managers/Leaders

  • Improved Hiring Process

  • The Ability to Hire Less Qualified (and Less Expensive) People with Better Results

  • Improved Organizational Structure

  • A "Raving Fan" Customer Base


  • Increased Revenue

  • Improved Profits

  • More Optimized Cash Flow

  • Increased Return on Marketing

  • Measurable Marketing Results

  • More Customers Calling You

  • Reduced Sales Cycles

  • Larger Financial Reserves

  • Fewer Money Concerns

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to Run Your Business Better

  • Better Employee Benefits


  • Improved Decision Making Processes

  • Better Community Relations

  • Improved Retirement Options

  • A More Flexible Lifestyle

  • A Well-Balanced Life

  • Someone to Bounce Ideas off of

  • A Systematic Plan for Expanding Your Organization

  • Better, More Knowledgeable, Advisors

  • Improved Personal Health


Here are some testimonials from current and recent Business Coaching Clients:


“My business coach helped me create structures and plans for moving my business forward. Then he coached, educated, and guided me as I led my team in executing those plans. Now, I have a stable, successful business that runs <almost> without me!”

  • BB W., Owner, Hospitality, Georgia, USA


“Lee is reasonable and authentic in his approach to business based upon truly having several 'been there and done that' experiences. I can truly say that Lee is a successful serial entrepreneur, yet he is still a one-of-a-kind individual, a friend, a father, a husband, and an invaluable team player.”

  • Andrew W., Entrepreneur, Educational and Financial Advisor, Georgia, USA


“After leading construction teams who built over 350 new restaurants in one year, I invested in a handyman / remodeling franchise. Four years later my profits were ranked #59 out of 64 franchisees. Working with Lee Huffman, my team and I moved from #59 to #5 in just 9 months. At the same time, got my life back and we seriously impressed the Franchiser.

“Coaching with Lee was the best move I have ever made in business. I just wish that I had started two years earlier when I was first introduced to Lee and the concept of Business Coaching."

“My advice... Don’t put it off... Start today!”

  • Tracey T., Franchisee and Entrepreneur, Construction Services, Georgia, USA


“My husband and I had built our firm to over 40 Architects and staff members. So, when Bill passed away unexpectedly, I was lost. I met Lee and his family while scuba diving in St. Martin. Over the next nine months, Lee visited my firm several times and coached me by phone each week. Then, he found me a qualified business coach in my city and worked with us for over three months to ensure that I was in good hands and that we had a smooth transition.

“As I retire from the day-to-day activities in our business, I know that the company my husband and I built would not even exist today had I not met Lee and engaged him as my professional coach and as a Director on my Board. I sincerely recommend this caring, knowledgeable leader to anyone who wants to experience a bright future.”

  • Helen W., Chairman, Architecture and Design Services Firm, New York, USA


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