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Become a Business Coach with Professional Development USA

Meet Our Team

If you are currently a Coach or if you simply have an interest in becoming a Business or Executive Coach, Professional Development USA may be the right place for you to grown and contribute.

Having a knowledge base and a large set of business oriented tools underneath you is critical to becoming a successful Business or Executive Coach and so is having the ability to sell yourself, your ideas, and your company.  
Professional Development USA can help you gain the knowledge and the confidence required to become a leading Business and/or Executive Coach.  We can also share the tools that we use with our clients to keep them growing and coming back for more.

We have a full line of training programs for Coaches who want to learn the business and who want to serve business owners more completely.  Here are the programs we currently offer:

100 Professional Development USA Business Coach Academy: This 10-week program is very intense. It involves 10 full day sessions, one every week, and a lot of reading and exercises in between. We cover topics like:  

  • What is Business Coaching?  

  • Why Business Coaching Instead of Personal or Career Coaching?

  • How to be Effective as a Business Coach.

  • How do I Help Business Owners in Marketing, Sales, Organizational Development, Recruiting, Corrective Action, Cash Flow Management, Customer Service, and other areas?  

  • How do I Attract, Engage and Retain Great Clients?

  • and so much more.

200 Professional Development USA Business Coach Apprenticeship: This 20-week program is not as intense, but it is very informative.  In a group environment, your Master Coach will work through real-life coaching and sales scenarios in order to cement and reinforce the topics you will learn in the Business Coach Academy. Most coaches enter the Apprenticeship program immediately after they complete the Academy.

300 Professional Development USA Executive Coach Academy: This 10-week program is also intense.  Through 10 sessions, you will learn about coaching Executives and Managers.  We include a Practicum from Tony Wilson, CEO of Lifestyle Architecture, and you will become a licensed Practitioner in Tony's programs as well as our EMC and EDP programs.  Topics that we will cover include:

  • What is Executive Coaching?  

  • Why Executive Coaching Instead of Business, Personal or Career Coaching?

  • How to be Effective as an Executive Coach.

  • How do I Help Business Leaders grow both One-On-One (EMC) and in Groups (EDP)?

  • How do I Attract, Engage and Retain Great Accounts?

  • How do I Expand My Client Base After I am in an Account?

  • and so much more.

NOTE: These programs are offered on an "On Demand" bases.  So, express your interest and we will let you know when a seat in a program becomes available.

Also, there are licensing requirements for using the
Professional Development USA and Lifestyle Architecture intellectual property.  We can cover this when we speak.

Let us know you are interested by filling out the form below.

Here is how it will work:

1. Complete this form and it will go to a Master Coach for review.

2. You will be called by that Master Coach.

3. They will explain the programs to you, let you know when the next program will be starting up, and answer any questions you may have.

4. We may need a Face-to-Face or Skype meeting to exchange more information.

5. If you are still interested, we will put you on the waiting list for the next program offering.

In a nut shell, that's it. Sounds pretty simple. Any questions?

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