Why do I need a Coach? I’m an established CEO.

The former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said it best in an interview with Fortune Magazine Online in 2006. Here is a copy of that interview:

Eric was surprised when one of his top Board Members advised him to get a coach. "Why do I need a coach?", Eric asked his Board Member, "I'm an established CEO. Is something wrong?"

"You need a coach... Everyone needs a coach." His Board Member replied.

Eric told Fortune that this was the best advice he had ever received. “Every great athlete, every performer, has a coach.”, he told Fortune, “...The one thing that people are never good at is seeing themselves as others see them.”

It Can Be Lonely at the Top... If You Are Doing It Wrong

Some say, “It’s lonely at the top!” But, it does not have to be that way.

Granted, top leaders must be very careful about what they say and do. Their words and actions are more powerful than others in their company. Still, with the right coaching from someone who’s only interest in the company is developing the leaders so that they can develop the business, top leaders can learn to lead, manage, and communicate at the appropriate levels.

Our executive coaches have the training and the experience to help guide and develop leaders at all levels within your organization. This is training and experience that your board members and higher levels have probably never had. Take a look at some of the topics we work with leaders on and see if the members of your advisory team, or higher level managers in your company, have enough expertise and experience to coach in all of them.

Executive Coaching Topic Areas

We are often asked, “What topic areas do you coach executives on?” That is a very good question that could take some time to answer. But, here are is a high-level list of areas where we have coached both executives, business clients, and community leaders. You and your team will not need coaching in all these areas, but we have expertise in these areas and more if you need it.
  • * Assessment Results
  • * Leadership
  • * Personal Growth
  • * Financial Effectiveness
  • * Planning
  • * HR and Talent Management
  • * Marketing and Sales
  • * Operational Effectiveness
In addition to coaching in all of these areas, our Executive Coaches have connections that can take your leaders even deeper into each specialty as needed. Both inside of our direct team and outside on our extended team, we have the connections you need to assist every member of your leadership team.

For more details under each of these topic areas, go to the Frequently Asked Questions page and scroll down to the Coaching Topics Question.

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