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Customer Issues, Employee Issues, Supplier Issues, You Name It.

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Conflict and disputes are a natural part of a growing business in this day and age. So, if you are in business, you will have some disputes. There will be disputes with clients, suppliers, employees, and others disputes that come out of dealing with humans.

Every Coach at
Professional Development USA has been trained and certified in Mediation and Dispute Resolution. Most of our Coaches are "Registered Neutrals" with the Georgia State Board of Dispute Resolutions and all of them can handle business disputes that arise in any state in the US. With our extensive business backgrounds, helping business leaders resolve disputes is simply a natural fit.

A "Neutral" or "Mediator" does not decide the outcome of any dispute. Instead, they bring the parties together, systematically ensure that everything gets out on the table and everyone is heard, and then they work with all parties to mediate a written agreement to resolve the issue.

The primary reason that Mediation is preferred to going to court, besides the fact that it will probably cost less, is that both parties have some level of control during the Mediation process. As soon as a lawsuit enters the court system, much of your control is lost. The Judge will make a decision based on the evidence presented and that decision will become the law of the land. Yes, you can spend more on attorney fees and appeal most judicial decisions. But, with Mediation, you have the ability to make sure everyone had a chance to clear the air, have their thoughts expressed, and have some say in the final resolution.

Going to Mediation does not eliminate the possibility of going to Court. However, sitting down with a trained, experienced Mediator can save a lot of time and money and it can help everyone ensure their thoughts are expressed and, hopefully, heard.

Complete the form below to request a call from Mediation and Dispute Resolution Certified Coach from Professional Development USA.

Let's Talk First

Here is how it will work:

1. Complete this form and it will go to a Mediation Trained Coach for review.

2. You will be called by that Coach.

3. They will explain the process to you and answer any questions you may have.

4. They will contact the third party who is part of the dispute and see if they are open to Mediation (In most cases you will have already suggested this to them.).

5. If all parties are amenable, you will set a time to meet and start the process.

6. Mediation can take a half day, or several half days, depending on the flexibility of everyone involved.

7. If an agreement is reached through Mediation, the Mediator will document the terms of the agreement and have both parties sign or initial it.

8. Copies will be made for each party and the terms of the agreement will be carried out.

In a nut shell, that's it. Sounds pretty simple. Any questions?

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